Altered States of Consciousness

Our daily lives are but a series of altered states. We are changed by places, faces, time, substances ingested, experiences experienced and forces both seen and unseen that collectively define our nature, which is one of constant chaotic flux. In essence, we are dynamic systems of decentralized anti-systems that have no set reality, despite the […]

Upgrade Your Brain: Liquid Hard Drive Implants Could Increase Intellect

Interesting article here   Nanoparticle brain implants to boost our mental functions: It’s controversial, for sure, but I’ve always been an advocate of cyborgism. I am certainly not a technophobe. Technology, after all, is a natural part of the progression of our evolutionary consciousness and to truly reach greater and greater heights we must embrace […]

5 Simple Tips to Help Jumpstart Creativity

We’ve all experienced mental blocks. Whether it’s generating content for a blog or youtube channel, writing a screenplay or preparing a presentation at the office, sometimes the hardest part is fomenting the creative drive necessary to get the project underway. These 5 tricks always work for me and are simple and straightforward enough to not […]

Creative Work Spaces

I am a firm believer in the idea that our surroundings can greatly impact the way we think. Building a creative workspace for yourself or your organization is important in that it fosters a dynamic of innovation. One company that I think is really hitting it out of the park is The Barbarian Group, a marketing firm headquartered […]